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US Real Estate Bubble Nears End


An article on the Larouche in 2004 web site analyzes the housing bubble.  LaRouche's political agenda is not Austrian at all.  It consists of a vast infrastructure boondoggle and other forms of central planning.  However, some of the analysts on his site have interesting things to say on specific topics. 

The article, ('Fannie and Freddie Were Lenders': U.S. Real Estate Bubble Nears Its End) by Richard Freeman from the June 21, 2002 issue of EIR magazine, presents a good summary of the role of the housing GSEs in funnelling inflation into the housing sector through the securitized mortgage market.  The article has some great graphs and charts and some statistics supporting Freeman's arguments.  Overall this is one of the best review articles about the housing bubble that I have seen.

See also the companion piece Official Axed, Exposed Threat of U.S. Housing Bubble Crash by Richard Freeman (from the March 14, 2003 issue of EIR magazine.)



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