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Update on Toshio Murata, student of Mises in 1959-60


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Toshio Murata was a student of Mises in New York, and translated Human Action into Japanese. He is almost single-handedly responsible for creating an Austrian/Misesian movement in Japan. Marc Abela of Mises Japan sends us this update, along with some photos of this amazing man recently giving a presentation at age 90: Murata-Abela

Entering his 90s this year, professor Toshio Murata, direct scholarship student to Mises back in 1959-60 in NY, picture taken earlier today, close to Murata-sensei's home in Nagano prefecture (Japan). Murata-sensei shared with us the several meetings he would get invited to where Hazlitt would at times show up to proofread Mises' English, or with Ayn Rand and others (Bettina Greaves, etc) around or showing up in some of the seminars... He was right in New York when Hazlitt was working on renewed editions of his One Lesson (1946) and remembers to this day being handed out freshly printed versions of the new edition on their way to the store (he was probably referring to the 1961'th edition I guess with the added new chapters here and there). Stories go back 50+ years back in time and Professor Murata is turning 91 this year, but all his memories remain quite impeccable it seems.  

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