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Inflation Takings Require Just Compensation: Slash Governments!

The FedInflation


Forget Biden's claim that his government is "fighting inflation." His government is creating inflation, and in so doing robbing people of their savings and earnings.

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Is Nationalism a Good Thing? It Depends.

World History


It’s impossible to simply declare nationalism itself to be good or bad. Its goodness or badness depends primarily on its effect on existing regimes and state institutions.

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Interest Rate Tightening Will Cause Even More Economic Destruction

InflationMonetary Policy


Rather than contributing to a "soft landing," raising interest rates will continue to destroy wealth.

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If Government Can Take from One Group, It Can and Will Take from Everyone

Property Rights


While governments have been assaulting private property rights for many years, they now are ramping up the pressure. Nothing less than our civilization is at stake.

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Inflation Hits 9.1 Percent after Months of Empty Talk at the Fed

Money and Banks


June was the fifteenth month in a row during which price inflation outpaced earnings growth. June's gap is also among the biggest we've seen in decades.

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Is the Constitution a Centralizing or Decentralizing Document?

Decentralization and SecessionU.S. History


People often speak of the Constitution with reverence, as though it were infallible. However, the Constitution was a centralizing document that cast aside the decentralization of the Articles of Confederation.

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Inflation IS Money Supply Growth, Not Prices Denominated in Money

The FedInflation


A common error in economics is to label increases price increases inflation. Inflation actually is an increase in the money supply, and that increase leads ultimately to price hikes.

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Is Google’s LaMDA Woke? Its Software Engineers Sure Are

AntipoliticsMedia and Culture


One of Google's latest projects has been the development of LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), an artificially intelligent chatbot generator. Alas, Google has created another "woke" monster.

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