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Is Price Stability Really a Good Thing?

Money and Banks


Contrary to popular thinking, there is no such thing as a price level that should be stabilized by the central bank in order to promote economic prosperity.

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Is College Worthwhile? A Two-Time Dropout’s Take



Pursuing one’s dreams without a degree requires more self-discipline than serving four years on campus. One of Nietzsche’s best lines offers a warning: “He who cannot obey himself will be commanded.”

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In a Free Economy, Prices Would Be Going down, Not Up

Money and Banks


In an age of growing productivity and technological advancement, goods would be getting cheaper every year. This is a reason why price inflation rises more slowly than money supply inflation.

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Industrial Policy—a.k.a. Central Planning—Won't Make America Great

Bureaucracy and RegulationTaxes and Spending


China's industrial policy has been marked by many failures and few successes. Rather, China's real growth has been fueled by the regime's limited turn to markets. 

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Is Solidarity a Good Thing?



Further, if solidarity is a value, why can’t the common enterprise be that people in a society share a commitment to the free market? Or is solidarity only good when people jointly do things socialists like?

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It's Wrong to Draft Women. It's Also Wrong to Draft Men.

War and Foreign Policy


If fairness is a concern, there’s an easy way to achieve fairness on this issue: abolish the Selective Service for everybody. It’s as easy as that. It wouldn’t even cost a dime of taxpayer money. 

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It's Not Good Enough to "Look at the Data"

Money and Banks


Data analysis can establish some information about correlations. But good thinking about causation only comes from sound logical economic theory. 

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Inflation-Loving Governments Are Now Blaming Private Businesses for Inflation

Money and Banks


As inflation becomes more obvious, governments will be blaming businesses for causing the inflation that policymakers have fueled. This is a step on the way to price controls. 

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