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The Loss in Afghanistan Is Only the Latest Chapter in a Long Story of Intervention

War and Foreign Policy


As US military interventions continue across several continents, we should remember that much of US foreign policy is little more than cleaning up messes the US created. 

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The Idea of a Private Law Society: The Case of Karl Ludwig von Haller


Never has anything like a state of nature as depicted by social contract theorists existed anywhere.

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The Public Health Officials Say "Trust Us." The Data Says Otherwise.

Big GovernmentHealth


Despite all the data we have on lockdowns, hospitalization trends, and newly emerging vaccination data, one can only marvel at how trust in the public health system and ruling elite can persist in any capacity.

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Too Much Inflation? Just Raise the Inflation Target!

Money and Banks


The new "2 percent average" standard from last year helped the inflationists, but there are now calls for scrapping the "too low" 2 percent inflation limit altogether.

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The Prospects for Soft Secession in America

AnarchyAnti-PoliticsDecentralization and SecessionLibertarianismLegal SystemProperty Rights


Is this trend toward soft secession necessarily illiberal? Is the potential for creating more states or political subdivisions, even if smaller and less sclerotic, moving us further from an idealized Hoppean private community model?

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The Eurozone Is Going down the Same Stagnating Road as Japan

Money and Banks


As Japan did, the eurozone is betting all on government spending, stimulus packages, and massive debt monetization. In other words, there is no real economic recovery in sight. 

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The Fed Is Bailing Out the Wealthy as Everyone Else Pays the Price

Money and Banks


Petrou's new book on monetary policy details how the Fed's turn toward QE and ultralow interest rates have done wonders for billionaires while impoverishing millions of ordinary people. 

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The Political Alchemy Called Modern Monetary Theory

Money and Banks


MMT is a pseudoreligious conviction that anything is possible and that the one and only solution is always Glorious Government.

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