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Stop Trying to "Contain" China in Southeast Asia

Economic PolicyProtectionism and Free TradeWar and Foreign Policy


President Biden is trying to entice Vietnam to enter into an alliance with the USA to try to "contain" China and its Asian ambitions. This will not end well.

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Strikes Always Have Economic Consequences and the Latest UAW Strike Is No Exception

Economic PolicyLabor and WagesSocialismU.S. Economy


The UAW's strike against US automakers will do long-term damage to the domestic auto industry. Unfortunately, unions and their advocates will learn nothing from this debacle.

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Striking Autoworkers Will Only Harm Their Own Livelihoods

The FedLabor and WagesMonetary PolicyU.S. Economy


Autoworkers are angry at their working situation and are striking for higher wages and a shorter work week. Their anger is misdirected.

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Should We Uncritically Support Organized Labor?

Labor and WagesSocialismStrategyU.S. Economy


Another Labor Day has passed with the same pro-union rhetoric dominating the media and politics. However, being pro-union is not the same as being pro-labor, especially given that unions often are the most anti-worker entities in our political economy.

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Statism Stands against Free Trade and Free Association

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic FreedomProtectionism and Free TradePhilosophy and Methodology

Free trade has its enemies on the left and the right. However, despite the supposed “sophistication” of their antitrade arguments, when we break them down, those arguments really are sophistry.

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States Are Dying from Corruption and the Exponential

CapitalismPoliticsThe Police StateWorld History


The state is held together by violence and nothing else. There is no such thing as "the social contract." But even violence cannot make a state last past its time, as we saw with the USSR.

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Saving Marxism from the Labor Theory of Value: It Is Still Bad Theory

Labor and WagesSocialismCapital and Interest TheoryOther Schools of Thought


While Graham Priest seems to have "rescued" Marxism from the labor theory of value, he cannot rescue Marxism itself.

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Statism and the Unmaking of Reality

Big GovernmentProgressivismThe Police State

Murray Rothbard wrote that egalitarianism was a war against nature. Statism has become a war against reality.

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