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Elections in the Bicameral Congress

U.S. History

Blog3 hours ago

The fragmentation of power into many small local units is likely to make oppression of minorities more difficult. On the other hand, consolidation of power into a single popularly-elected Congress posed a grave threat to the rights of ordinary Americans. 

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Biden's Big Spending Plans Will Not Revive the Economy

Money and Banking

Blog6 hours ago

Even without deficits or new taxes, Biden's infrastructure spending plan will only create more malinvestment and inflict further damage on an already weakened economy. 

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The Sword of Damocles Hangs over Every Property Owner

Property Rights

Blog11 hours ago

In his new book, The Great Fiction, Hans-Hermann Hoppe discusses how every property owner now faces the threat of his property being turned into "fiat property" at the whim of the state, at any time. 

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Who's to Blame for Normalizing One-Man Rule?

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealthMedia and Culture


Unfortunately, the corporate press and public health officials have determined that unilateral rule by executive decree, unimpeded by any conception of individual freedom, is necessary to respond to the coronavirus.

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Biden's Amtrak Infrastructure Scam

Taxes and Spending


Profit-seeking entrepreneurs move factors of production to their highest and most economical uses. Amtrak, on the other hand, is diverting useful factors of production from higher use values to lower-valued uses. To put it another way, Amtrak is destroying wealth.

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The Problem with "Just Do What the Cops Say and You Won't Get Hurt"



Apologists for police abuse often claim that if a citizen complies with police orders and does what he's told, then he won't get hurt. The evidence says otherwise. 

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Is God a Capitalist?

Book Reviews


In his book God Is a Capitalist: Markets from Moses to Marx, McKinney “shows how Biblical economic principles answer the most vexing problems the world faces today, such as poverty, inequality and pollution.” 

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The Interesting Case of the Zaïre—the Question MMT Cannot Answer

Money and Banks


The case of the zaïre currency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo provides strong anecdotal evidence discounting the fiat currency–obsessed modern monetary theory.

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