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Thomas Dorman, RIP

Thomas Dorman, MD, of the Paracelsus Clinic in Federal Way, Washington, died unexpectedly on Tuesday. He was 72. An international man and American patriot, Tom was born in British Kenya, where his father was a coffee merchant, who in WWII helped supply travel documents for Jews escaping the National Socialists. When Jomo Kenyatta came to power, they moved to Israel, where Tom attended high school and later served in a parachute regiment during the ’67 war. Tom went to university in Liverpool and medical school in Edinburgh, and practiced in Canada before moving to America. Tom believed that a physician should be responsible only to his patients, and so he refused to accept Medicare, Medicaid, or any third-party payment, and worked against state encroachment on medicine. He also refused to go along with the AMA-FDA line on treatment, and practiced alternative medicine. The ideal physician, he was a learned scientist and a compassionate healer. He was also a well-read libertarian and student of Austrian economics. He is survived by his wife of 38 years, Alison, four children–Jill Coletti, Michael, Andrew, and Erin Hadley, and six grandchildren–Jill’s Benjamin and Joshua; Michael’s Mackenna and Micaela; and Erin’s Zoe and Sam. To hear his voice and his dedication to freedom, listen to this podcast.

The family has asked that those who wish to honor Tom make a donation in his memory to the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was a great man. God rest his soul.


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