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The Federal Reserve Is, and Always Has Been, Politicized

The Fed

04/17/2017Mises Wire
The Fed has long claimed it is independent of politics. This, however, has always been a claim based on pure fantasy.
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The Next Step in Europe's Negative-Interest-Rate Experiment

Money and Banking

The ECB is likely to relent on negative rates. But it will then turn to buying bonds and monetizing the debt to keep the easy money flowing.
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The Syrian People Should Decide For Themselves

War and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

What gives any country the right to determine who rules someone else?
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The Government Spies on All of Us — So Why Not Spy on Trump?

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

Unfortunately, Trump is unlikely to draw the right conclusions from the controversy over the wiretapping of his campaign.
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The Fed’s Half-Hearted Attempt at Monetary Tightening

The Fed

03/20/2017Mises Wire
The Fed will do whatever is needed to prevent the debt pyramid from collapsing. That includes keeping interest rates at extraordinarily low levels.
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The Political Importance of Murray Rothbard

BiographiesPolitical Theory

03/01/2017Articles of Interest
Rothbard's work has given us the ammunition we need to fight for the American dream of liberty and prosperity for all mankind.
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The Fed Can’t Raise Rates, But Must Pretend It Will

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

10/26/2015Mises Wire
The Fed has a difficult balancing act. To maintain the current easy-money induced boom, it must not raise rates. But at the same time, it must also act as if it might raise rates some day, or savers will abandon the credit markets.
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