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Love, Fear, and the Law of Good Intentions

AntipoliticsDemocracyLawThe Police State


Today, progressives govern by the law of good intentions, and when government has good intentions, the results, no matter how disastrous, don't matter.

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Last Day to Give in 2021!


The battle for true freedom will continue in 2022. Please take the last day of the year to support the institute's mission!

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Life Expectancy in 2020 Fell 2.3 Percent to 77 Years. That Hardly Justifies the Covid Panic

World History


It remains extremely unclear why 2020’s trends in these metrics would justify the extreme panic and human rights violations that resulted from stay-at-home edicts and coerced medication.

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Leaving behind the Labor Theory of Value

Value and Exchange


Immense damage has been done to economic theory by the error of believing the "labor theory of value." Our work is not what gives value to goods and services. It's the other way around.

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Lincoln and the Social Contract

U.S. History


Lincoln thought the possibility of secession gave minorities too much power. The solution for him was for the majority to coerce the minority, negating, through force, the minority’s withdrawal of its consent.

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Legalized Plunder Has Been Supercharged in America


Bastiat pointed out that no citizen could do what the government does without being charged with a crime. 

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Last Day to Double Your Gift to the Institute


Your support helps us continue to make the sound economic principles of Mises, Hazlitt, Hayek, Rothbard, and Hoppe free to the world at a time when they are needed more than ever.

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Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates: China's Most Successful Exports?


The West's rush to embrace the Chinese regime's bizarre lockdown method of disease control exposed just how little Western regimes actually care about human rights or the rule of law.

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