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Wind Power Is a Disaster in Texas, No Matter What Paul Krugman Says

The Environment


Normally the boosters of renewable energy point with pride to Texas, yet when wind collapsed during the deep freeze, suddenly even its biggest fans admit that nobody ever thought it could do the same job as natural gas.

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Why Europe's Left Wants a European Financial Superstate

Global EconomyMoney and Banking


If Europe wants to build wealth for its poorest members, it needs private entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurs need exactly the opposite of the Keynesian plan for building a European superstate. 

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What Rothbard's Defense of Religion Teaches Us about Resisting the Covid State

StrategyU.S. History


Murray Rothbard died more than a quarter century before the outbreak of the covid mania and tyranny, but if he were alive today, he wouldn’t be surprised to see that the most common resistance at an institutional level comes from churches.

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When I Toured East Berlin with Murray Rothbard

Money and Banking


Murray Rothbard didn’t need to explain to me on the bus why East Berlin, the so-called Paris of Eastern Europe, was a broken-down dump. He already had explained it to me in his numerous writings.

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What We've Learned from Israel's Covid Vaccine Program



The covid vaccine experience in Israel shows that one death is prevented for every 26,000 vaccine jabs, at a cost of $1 million. A single hospitalization is prevented with every 5,000 jabs, at a cost of $160,000 each. 

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Why Rothbard Endures

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics


Instead of succumbing to the zeitgeist, Rothbard moved it.

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Why the Capitol Riot Terrified the Elite

U.S. History


The media-government alliance has clamped down against the populist right harder than ever before. Yet, one can sense a hint of panic within establishment ranks that the threads of their dominance may finally be unraveling.

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When Is Short Selling Fraudulent?

Financial Markets


Shorting more than the total outstanding shares isn’t perverse or fraudulent, whereas naked short selling—depending on the context—might be.

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