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Investors Are on the Lookout for a Crash. But Prices Keep Going Up.

Booms and Busts


With such a messed-up economy, why is it still hard to spot a bust on the horizon?

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If the US Wants to Beat China, Why Is It Copying China's Socialism?

Global Economy


If the US wants to strengthen its economic and geostrategic position versus China, it needs to apply the same free market principles that made it prosperous and powerful in the first place. 

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Interview with Tho Bishop: Economic Populism and the Role of the Mises Institute

The FedStrategy

The emergence of global money is going to be the greatest attack on national sovereignty and political self-determination that we have ever seen.

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Inflation Is a Form of Embezzlement


The shift of money from one market to another market is not instantaneous there is a time lag from increases in money and its effect on the average price increases.

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Interventionism Turns Crisis into Depression

Booms and Busts


Interventionism does not work because it misallocates resources in the economy. More importantly, it disturbs, distorts, and destroys the corrective process whereby market actors reallocate resources back into a sustainable framework.

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Is Guaranteed Basic Income the Solution to Robots Taking Our Jobs?

Labor and Wages


The automation doomers assume that when jobs are eliminated by automation in one place, that the number of jobs are permanently gone. For this to be true, there would have to be no growth in the need for labor elsewhere.

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Inflation Is Great If You're Already Rich

Booms and Busts


We've seen pictures of empty shelves in Venezuela. Meantime, the one-year return on the Caracas stock exchange is 1,804.92 percent. If you're already rich in assets, inflation is a big nothing burger. But it's a problem if you're poor. 

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Investors Won't Buy the "Transitory" Inflation Line

Money and Banking


Governments always justify printing more money with the excuse that there is no inflation. When inflation rises, they say it is transitory. And when inflation soars, governments blame businesses and shop owners, presenting themselves as the solution with “price controls.”

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