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Surrounded by Miracles and Nobody Cares, Part 1,435

Peter Sidor, a heavy hitter at the Mises Wiki, just called on my Skype app on my iPhone, something I downloaded the other day just to test it out (yeah yeah, I know, I’m a late adopter).

So I answered and voila I’m video talking to a colleague in Germany, and there for a minutes we discussed the Panic of 1792 and the literature surrounding it, about which time Matt McCaffrey walked by and rattled off a list of references. We wished each other a happy new year and the call ended. It was free. It was amazing. It was astounding and beyond belief — more outrageously advanced than anything the makers of the Jetsons could even imagine.

The Jetsons video phone was hooked on the wall and you had a special chair to sit in. It was surely expensive. I walked around with mine and I paid nothing. Where are the headlines? This new world seems to have arrived without much fanfare at all. And why? It has something to do with the nature of the human mind but that’s too much for this post.


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