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Sudha Shenoy, 1943-2008

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We are all very saddened to hear that Professor Sudha Shenoy of the University of Newcastle died yesterday (a blog notice here). She was a long-time associate of the work of the Mises Institute, and was scheduled to give a week-long series of lectures on F.A. Hayek this fall in our offices. In the last 10 years, she spent many weeks with us, doing research and writing and lecturing. Her areas of specialization included the history of economics and the history of ideas. She was as passionately in favor of global trade as she was against war and empire.

Here is her media archive, her daily article archive, and her interview in the Austrian Economics Newsletter, which provides fascinating biographical information.

She was a student of both Hayek and, most directly, of Murray Rothbard, a fact which became clear once you began to talk with her at length. She has picked up some of Rothbard’s mannerisms in the most charming way: her laugh, the way she moved her hands when she spoke, and her general scholarly demeanor, which combined vast knowledge and a love of detail with a certain lightness and optimism.

We all mourn her passing and will treasure in our memories all the time she spent with us through the years. May she rest in peace.


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