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Cultural Traits and Work Ethic: Human Capital Matters

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Economic growth depends upon human capital development, which depends upon things like cultural views toward work and just plain showing up on time.

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Central Banks: Who Needs Them? No One

Booms and BustsCentral BanksThe FedBusiness CyclesMoney and Banking


Central banks, and especially the Federal Reserve System, continue to churn up inflation and the boom-and-bust cycles—in the name of "stabilizing" the economy.

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Commodities Do Not Cause Inflation. Money Printing Does.

Money and Banks


Some blame high prices, wages, the Ukraine war, or the weak recovery. The fact is currency destruction is at the heart of generalized price rises everywhere.

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Clarence Darrow vs. the State

Book Reviews


“Force is wrong,” Darrow wrote. “A bayonet in the hand of one man is no better than in the hand of another. It is the bayonet that is evil.”

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Central Banks Have Broken the True Savings-Lending Relationship

Booms and BustsThe FedMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksBusiness CyclesMoney and Banking


While the usual characters praise central banks for supposedly bringing economic stability, Dr. Shostak explains that their presence makes things unstable because they break the relationship between saving and lending.

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Canceling American Athletes to Punish Russia: The 1980 Moscow Olympics Boycott



Today, we see Russian athletes, artists, and musicians punished because of their government's invasion of Ukraine. The last time Russia invaded another country, President Jimmy Carter decided to punish American Olympic athletes.

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Cantillon Effects: Why Inflation Helps Some and Hurts Others

Money and Banks


When there is increased money coming into an economy from somewhere, the first recipients benefit. They spend it according to their preferences and benefit from the new money, while others who only face higher prices are hurt.

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Critical Race Theory Is a Form of Marxist Reeducation



Antiracist training involves confessing one’s thought crimes, reporting on friends for "wrong ideas," and other "reeducation" methods familiar to the Stalinists of old.  

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