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Price Inflation Is at the Highest Level since 1982. What Will the Fed Do?

World History


Yet again, earnings aren't keeping up with inflation, and the Fed is feeling political pressure. But can the economy survive any serious move toward ending massive stimulus? 

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Price Deflation and the Horrors of Falling TV Prices

Money and Banks


Deflation empowers the citizen by allowing her modest savings to purchase more goods over time. Inflation empowers the state by reducing the size of its enormous debts in real terms—and through the inflation tax.

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Poland's Beef with the EU Shows the Dangers of Political Centralization

Decentralization and SecessionGlobal EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


The more the EU micromanages Polish internal affairs and punishes Poland for the simple act of exercising self-determination, more the benefits of leaving the bloc altogether will continue to increase.

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Price Inflation Hits a 31-Year High as Janet Yellen Insists It's No Big Deal

U.S. Economy


Real wages fell in October as consumer prices, producer prices, and home prices all surge toward multidecade highs. But Janet Yellen isn't concerned. She says the Fed won't allow anything bad to happen.

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Pope Francis Blames Capitalism for World Hunger, Yet Again


Francis should note that the move toward freer markets, in India and China especially, resulted in the huge reduction in extreme poverty we have witnessed over the last few decades.

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Protectionism Is Immoral, Unjust, and Corrupt


If a businessman pulls a gun on a customer and demands 20 percent more for a product, that is robbery. If a politician intervenes to the same effect, it is fair trade.

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Paul Krugman's One-Man War on Science

Bureaucracy and Regulation


One cannot declare the scientific method simultaneously to be both valid and invalid, yet, this is what Krugman is doing.

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Pre-Columbian America Wasn't Exactly a Paradise of Freedom

U.S. HistoryWorld History


The story of the Americas as the violent “pacifying” and corralling of free indigenous peoples by white outsiders erases the long history of statism in many areas of the New World.

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