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Paul Krugman's One-Man War on Science

Bureaucracy and Regulation


One cannot declare the scientific method simultaneously to be both valid and invalid, yet, this is what Krugman is doing.

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Pre-Columbian America Wasn't Exactly a Paradise of Freedom

U.S. HistoryWorld History


The story of the Americas as the violent “pacifying” and corralling of free indigenous peoples by white outsiders erases the long history of statism in many areas of the New World.

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Polygamy Is a Problem for Economic Development


Research reveals that in sub-Saharan Africa children in polygamous families are 24.4 times more likely to die when compared with children in monogamous families. 

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Paul Krugman’s Austrian Obsession

Booms and Busts


Paul Krugman recently used his column to attack Austrian economics—yet again—but his attacks rely mostly on myths, poor reasoning, and misinformation. 

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Preserving Capital through Bankruptcy

Booms and Busts


While bankruptcy has a negative connotation in the business world, “Bankruptcy fulfills the crucially important social function of preserving the available stock of capital."

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Paranoia about American Weakness Rests on a Flawed Understanding of History

U.S. HistoryWorld History


Victor Davis Hanson's cartoonish conception of how foreign states act is not supported by history and contributes to the US government’s insane defense expenditures and destructive crusades around the globe. 

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Pandemics, Infection, and Libertarianism

HealthProperty Rights


When we think in terms of the foundational law of property, it's clear that broad charges of aggression through infection are spurious at best.

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Private Investment Is the Answer to Declining Postindustrial Towns

Free MarketsProperty RightsU.S. History


Many people want the state to take the lead in revitalizing run-down towns. How does this make sense, when it is private industry that conceived these towns in the first place?

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