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An Autoethnographic Account of the Free Market: My Father

Free MarketsU.S. History

Blog5 hours ago

Autoethnographies place the self within a social, historical context. In this one, Michael Rectenwald approaches the free market from the standpoint of his own experience.

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Self-Interest versus Racial Solidarity

World History

Blog10 hours ago

Modern-day race theories—much like the standard racist theories of the past—assume that racial solidarity ought to be the overriding factor in all human behavior. Experience shows this is not at all always the case. 

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An American Classical Liberalism


Today's conflicts revolve around the desire to grab hold of someone else's property using the tool of compulsion that is the state. Would we be more peaceful and prosperous if it followed the liberal program? The question answers itself.

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Due Process on Campus Keeps Justice on the Streets

LawLegal System


The reality in colleges today becomes reality on the streets tomorrow. The privileged treatment of women under Title IX has had profound implications for campus sexual misconduct hearings that threaten due process for all.

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The Fed Embraces Its Inner Zimbabwean

Money and Banks


With Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen focusing on using monetary policy to manage climate change, the M1 money supply has gone parabolic, from just over $4 trillion in February to $18.6 trillion in March. This is right out of Zimbabwe's playbook.

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Three Reasons Why the Biden Tax Increase Makes No Sense

Taxes and Spending


Biden’s tax increase plan does not make sense from a growth, revenue, or deficit perspective, and it does virtually nothing to address the real problem: ballooning spending on programs like Social Security.

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Decentralization, Absolutism, and the Papal States

Book Reviews


The Papal States offer a helpful case study in understanding the transformation of Europe in the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, Kertzer's study on the topic is couched in faulty notions of enlightenment and medievalism. 

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What Happens When Governments Force Corporate Boards to Appoint More Women

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Recent legislation in California mandates more women on corporate boards. This is supposed to shift the balance in corporate America in favor of female employees and managers. It doesn't seem to be working. 

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