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The Economics of Hillary Clinton

Taxes and SpendingU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

09/26/2016Mises Wire
Hillary Clinton likes to say she wants to help the middle class. But, her economic policy only helps her crony capitalist pals.
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Three Reasons to Be Worried About the Economy

The FedMoney and BanksTaxes and SpendingInterventionismMoney and Banking

02/08/2016Mises Wire
Thanks to relentless government and central-bank intervention, debt is growing at the same time that workers are becoming less entrepreneurial and less productive. That's not a good combination.
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Three Centuries of Boom-Bust in Spain

Booms and BustsMoney and BanksWorld HistoryMoney and Banking

01/21/2016Mises Wire
Following the discovery of the Americas, Spain began a 300-year period of booms, busts, war, and mercantilism. Only in the eighteenth century did the country begin to find prosperity through liberalization of trade and private property.
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The Formlessness of Progressivism

U.S. HistoryInterventionismPolitical Theory

12/30/2015Mises Wire
Nowadays, the list of our newfound “rights” is almost endless, but every Progressive seems to have his own list of new rights that every taxpayer must pay for in the name of “social justice.” Meanwhile, “social justice” means whatever you want it to.
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The Coming Corporate "Crime Wave"

Legal SystemThe Police StateU.S. History

09/30/2015Mises Wire
With an election year soon upon us, many politicians are talking about cracking down on "greed" in the business and corporate worlds. Fortunately for politicians, federal law is flexible enough to prosecute nearly anyone, and the chilling effect on entrepreneurs will be real.
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The Economics of Bernie Sanders

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

09/01/2015Mises Wire
Bernie Sanders is not a new Mao or Marx. He’s really just a modern New Dealer, and he’s recycling old New Deal plans and rhetoric. And, just like the original, Sanders’ New Deal will do nothing to end our current economic malaise.
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The Rise of the Medical Bureaucrat and Centralized Health Care

HealthPricesValue and Exchange

07/14/2015Mises Wire
While doctors and nurses become more scarce, the number of health care administrators continues to go up. The role of these administrators is to aggregate and centralize data, although there is no evidence this increases the value of health care.
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