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Biden's Amtrak Infrastructure Scam

Taxes and Spending


Profit-seeking entrepreneurs move factors of production to their highest and most economical uses. Amtrak, on the other hand, is diverting useful factors of production from higher use values to lower-valued uses. To put it another way, Amtrak is destroying wealth.

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Biden's Colossal Budget Confirms Trump-Era Mega Spending Will Continue

Taxes and Spending


The Dems are still claiming that welfare spending withered away during the Trump years. But that's obvious nonsense, and Trump's megaspending slathered trillions of dollars on pretty much everything.

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Biden and Janet Yellen Are Pushing a Global Minimum Tax Rate. The EU Is Very Pleased.

Taxes and Spending


Globalists know that so long as sovereign states have the ability to set their own tax rates, regimes are tempted to engage in “tax competition” in order to attract capital. The cure to this “problem” is a global minimum tax rate.

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Big Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates = Big Danger

Money and Banking


"Because there's so much debt today relative to 10, 15 years ago, a small debt, a small move in yields, 50 basis points in yields today is equivalent to 2% 15 years ago."

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Biden’s Rescue Plan Won't Reduce Poverty



“Poverty in society is overcome by productivity, and in no other way. There is no political alchemy which can transmute diminished production into increased consumption.”

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Bitcoin, Gold, and the Rush to National Digital Currencies


A money which can be held in only one form, whether digital coin (as in the case of bitcoin), or banknote, or sight deposit, or metallic coin, for example, is crippled. Yet, exclusive digital form has become a huge selling point for the promotors of bitcoin.

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Burt Blumert's Ninety-Second Birthday

Economic FreedomPhilosophy


Today would have been Burt Blumert's ninety-second birthday

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Biden Seeks to Finish off Struggling Business Owners

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Entrepreneur


If business owners were hoping to catch a break in 2021 after having been completely victimized by government lockdown procedures and left-wing rioting, they may want to brace themselves for more pain as the Biden administration gets going. 

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