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Money Supply Growth in October Fell to a 39-Month Low. A Recession Is Now Almost Guaranteed.

U.S. Economy


Money supply growth slowed even more in October, and is now back to levels we last saw during the repo liquidity crunch of 2019, and in the days right before the 2007–09 recession. 

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Money Laundering: Another Noncrime Pursued by Criminal Authorities

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Police State


Money laundering is illegal in the USA, but like so many other federal crimes, it is difficult to identify and define. That is the perfect recipe for government abuse of innocent people.

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Multinational Agrichemical Corporations and the Great Food Transformation

Corporate WelfareCronyism and Corporatism


As "decarbonize agriculture" becomes the watchword, powerful multinational agriculture firms have embraced the 2030 UN agenda. Their actions will result in widespread hunger.

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Murray Rothbard versus the Progressives



When communism fell with the USSR, Murray Rothbard realized that the greater threat to liberty was social democracy. Events of the past few years have proven him correct.

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Misunderstanding Mises, Again



After praising Mises for his work on socialism, Tyler Cowen goes on to claim Human Action is "cranky and dogmatic." "Brilliant and insightful" would have been more truthful.

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Myth versus Ideology: Why Free Market Thinking Is Nonideological

Free MarketsSocialism


Austrian economists often are labeled ideologues for advocating for free markets, yet socialism requires the ideological blinders.

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Murray Rothbard Was Right: Deposit "Insurance" Is Not Insurance at All

Money and Banks


Insurance protects individuals from events that cannot be foreseen. As Murray Rothbard noted, however, deposit insurance exists to "protect" a system that is inherently bankrupt.

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