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Dollarization in Argentina Will Not Promote Freedom

Central BanksDemocracyStrategyTaxes and SpendingWorld History

Blog2 hours ago

While the prospect of Javier Milei being elected president of Argentina is attractive, his plan to "dollarize" the Argentine economy will fall well short of hopes and expectations.

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"Social Justice" Is Neither Social nor Just

HayekLiberalismProgressivismU.S. History

Blog5 hours ago

The great Thomas Sowell takes on the social justice industry. As usual, he makes excellent points even if, as David Gordon notes, logic deems we go even further.

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August Price Inflation Accelerated, and the Fed Fears More Is in Store

Money and Banks

Blog6 hours ago

Fed policymaking is all about political expedience. When we see Fed policy, we must keep in mind that "managing the economy" is secondary to managing public debt service and public expectations.

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The Central Bank Policy Interest Rate vs the Natural Rate

Central BanksEconomic PolicyThe FedFree Markets

Blog10 hours ago

While central banks use administered interest rates in hopes of emulating the natural rate, these efforts are always going to fail. Without free markets, there is no natural rate.

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The Oil-Price Shock Is a Direct Consequence of Interventionism.

The Environment


This is the first time in human history that the energy transition has been decided by politicians without allowing technology, competition, or human ingenuity to come up with a better, more flexible, and more economical alternative.

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It’s Time for Some Debt and Entitlement Alarmism

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentMedia and CultureTaxes and Spending


Climate alarmism dominates the news cycle, but perhaps people be more alarmed by massive federal budget deficits and runaway entitlement spending.

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Chess, Trans Athletes, and Free Markets in Sports

Bureaucracy and RegulationLawMedia and Culture


Is there a way out of the seemingly intractable demands that trans athletes who are "transitioning" from male to female be permitted to compete with female athletes? There may be a free-market solution.

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Strikes Always Have Economic Consequences and the Latest UAW Strike Is No Exception

Economic PolicyLabor and WagesSocialismU.S. Economy


The UAW's strike against US automakers will do long-term damage to the domestic auto industry. Unfortunately, unions and their advocates will learn nothing from this debacle.

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