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Do Tariffs Create Prosperity? Challenging the Populist Right on Trade

Protectionism and Free TradeU.S. Economy


Populists on the right (and left) are claiming that American prosperity came about because of high protective tariffs. But political rhetoric can't replace sound economics.

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Despite Our Own Inflation, the Dollar Dominance Takes Down the Yen and Euro

Central BanksInflation


Even though the Fed has been inflating the US dollar with impunity, neither the yen nor the euro can challenge the USD.

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Divine Monarchy: Exploitative or Beneficial?

Property RightsWorld History


While divine monarchy might seem illogical or archaic, it had a larger positive economic impact in society that historians have overlooked.

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Do Price Increases or Money Supply Increases Misallocate Resources?

Booms and BustsInflation


As prices rise, many people—including economists, who should know better—claim that price increases are inflation. They are not.

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Don't Let Them Claim Uvalde's Police Failure Was Just a Local Problem

U.S. History


Nearly four hundred local, state, and federal police were involved in the law enforcement debacle at Uvalde. Ninety-one state troopers did nothing. This isn't just local. 

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Do Free Markets Create a Wasteful "Landfill Economy"? Definitely Not

CapitalismFree Markets


Critics claim the market economy engages in "planned obsolescence" that encourages throwing good products into landfills. In fact, activities that might seem wasteful are the best use of resources.

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Developing Countries Don't Need Wealth Transfers; They Need Free Markets

CapitalismEconomic FreedomFree MarketsSocialism


The standard line among the Great Reset crowd is that capitalism exploits poor nations and causes poverty. In reality, capitalism and free markets have reduced poverty around the world.

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Don't Blame Social Media. Blame the Politicization of Nearly Everything



Although social media is blamed for many social ills, the sickness doesn't come from Twitter or Facebook but from how the ruling classes have politicized life itself.

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