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Recession and Recovery: W.H. Hutt’s View

Booms and Busts


What happens during a depression? Should we expect it to end, or can an economy remain stuck at the bottom?

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Review: Sohrab Ahmari's New Attack on Laissez-Faire Liberalism

World History


The Unbroken Thread is an interesting yet ultimately disappointing attack on liberalism. It is mostly a collection of many opinions, with very little in the way of facts or analysis. 

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Ratification: The Struggle For Massachusetts

U.S. History


Realizing that most voters in Massachusetts were against the new constitution, the Federalists concocted a variety of dirty tricks to ensure a Federalist victory. 

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Record Numbers of Coloradans Are Crossing the Wyoming Border to Buy Illegal Fireworks

World History


It's possible to buy fireworks in Wyoming that are illegal in Colorado. So Wyoming merchants have placed a number of huge fireworks shops about two minutes from the border. It's quite convenient for Coloradans planning to ignore local laws. 

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Review: Niall Ferguson's Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe


Niall Ferguson’s new book Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe is timely. But Ferguson may just be telling the reader what he wants to hear. 

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Robots Won't Destroy Us: How Automation Creates Jobs

Labor and WagesCalculation and KnowledgeCapital and Interest TheoryProduction Theory


The goods created by automation—and the labor freed up by it—become inputs for industries downstream.

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Real Savings Are at the Heart of Lending

Money and Banking


Trouble emerges once banks start to engage in lending unbacked by real savings, this gives rise to the expansion of credit out of “thin air.”  This in turn sets in motion the menace of the boom-bust cycle.

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Rothbard Explains How to Recover from an Economic Crisis

Booms and Busts


The answer lies in audacious economic reforms that favor markets and entrepreneurs: liquidate bad investments, let deflation happen, cut government spending, cut taxes, let wages fall.

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