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Money, Interest, and the Business Cycle

Money and Banking


"I am not against bank notes as such … I want to give everybody the right to issue his own banknotes. The problem then would be to get other men to accept such private banknotes; maybe nobody will take them."

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Monetary Inflation and Price Inflation

Central BanksInflation


Although it is important to recognize that massive price inflation is always the result of massive monetary inflation, there isn’t a stable relationship between the two.

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Medical Errors and the Cult of Expertise in the Age of Covid



Many healthcare professionals have happily embraced the same attitude as cops: "We're experts, don't you dare question us." But the 100,000 yearly medical-error deaths suggest this expertise ought to be questioned more often. 

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Mises and Philosophical Minimalism

Philosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Mises defends praxeology using philosophical minimalism, that is, by sticking to the core fact that people act and make choices.

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Materialism Fails to Explain the West's Conflict with Islam

World History


Different people often react quite differently to the same conditions, so attempts to blame religious conflict on material deprivation fail. Ideological differences also better explain why Islam is not monolithic. 

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Make the Mises Institute Stronger in 2021


How has the Left had so much success in a nation that was the direct byproduct of classical liberalism? By controlling the narrative and leveraging that status for political power.

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Mill: Socialism Could Work for More Advanced People



Though he was generally a Ricardian, John Stuart Mill thought that the main obstacle to socialism is that people might not yet be civilized enough to put it into practice. 

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Mises Explains the Santa Claus Principle

Taxes and SpendingInterventionism


An essential point in the social philosophy of interventionism is the existence of an inexhaustible fund which can be squeezed forever.

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