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Do "Inflationary Expectations" Cause Inflation? Contra Krugman, the Answer Is No

Central BanksThe FedInflationMoney Supply


Paul Krugman recently wrote that the reason we see high inflation is that people mistakenly believe inflation is in our future and act accordingly. This reasoning is false.

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Destroying America to "Save" It? Biden's Nihilistic Destruction of the Energy Industry

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe EnvironmentU.S. Economy


The Biden administration in its desire to "save" the planet from climate change has decided to destroy one of this country's most productive and important industries in the process, putting the US economy itself in jeopardy.

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Dr. Thomas Szasz’s Campaign against Psychiatric Coercion and the "Therapeutic State"



The late Dr. Thomas Szasz, who was well known to libertarians, believed using coercion to treat psychiatric patients was a form of torture. He left a legacy of freedom in a profession that has all but abandoned liberty.

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Death by Inflation or by Interest Rate Hikes?

Central banks are going to receive fierce (and well-deserved) criticism, whatever they do. Pick your poison: inflation or bankruptcy.

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Deconstruction: Using Literature to Promote Marxism



Many students may not even realize they are being subtly indoctrinated, slowly trained to see the world as a socialist or “through a Marxist lens.”

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Digitalization Could Move Medical Care beyond "Government Healthcare"



Government healthcare is centrally planned healthcare. Innovations in the decentralized "digitalization" of medicine could finally move medicine back in the direction of markets.

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Don’t Expect Foreign Policy Experts to be Held Accountable for Afghanistan

War and Foreign Policy


Until there’s a new foreign policy class informed by an outlook of restraint, no kind of punishment or demotion of those who prosecuted the bungled wars of the past few decades should be expected.

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Defaulting on the Debt Is the Moral Thing to Do

U.S. History


Raising the debt limit will only delay the inevitable while courting fiscal and monetary chaos: higher interest rates, cuts to social programs, a declining dollar, and price inflation. 

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