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Decentralization, Absolutism, and the Papal States

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The Papal States offer a helpful case study in understanding the transformation of Europe in the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, Kertzer's study on the topic is couched in faulty notions of enlightenment and medievalism. 

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Decentralization Is a Step toward Self-Determination

Decentralization and Secession


Ludwig von Mises understood that locally based governance "follows necessarily from the principle of the rights of man.” And it's why Rothbard supported secession and local governance right down to the most local level possible. 

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Debunking Piketty and the Left's Celebrity Economists

World History


If you were to browse the economics sections of bookstores here in my home city, Dublin, you would find a wide variety of books by anticapitalist celebrity economists. Books by free market economists? Not so much. 

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Digital Currencies Are Changing the Money Landscape

Money and Banks


From the dollar to bitcoin to Facebook's Diem, private monies and quasi monies are making the monetary landscape a lot more complicated. 

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Double Standards, Reparations, and War Crimes

Book ReviewsLawWorld History


The Nuremberg prosecutors wanted to indict the Nazis on trial for crimes, but at the same time they wanted to preserve the dogma that the modern European nation-state is the culmination of moral progress. This created a conundrum. 

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Decentralize New York City!

Decentralization and SecessionU.S. History


Staten Island once voted 2-to-1 to leave New York City. The Manhattan overlords ignored the vote. But Staten Island would be better off as a separate city, and the same holds true for Brooklyn and Queens. 

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Debating Socialism: The Seligman-Nearing Debate at 100



In January 1921, thirty-five hundred people packed the Lexington Theater in midtown Manhattan to hear a debate of socialism. Ludwig von Mises in Vienna later called the debate "instructive."

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Deflation Doesn't Undo the Problems Caused by Past Inflation

Economic PolicyInflationPlanning


A deflationary policy is just another type of intervention and in this sense it sets in motion a different form of the misallocation of resources.

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