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Experts Said Ending Lockdowns Would Be Worse for the Economy than the Lockdowns Themselves. They Were Wrong.

U.S. History


The experts claimed that if any state ended its stay-at-home orders “prematurely,” its economy would become even more devastated than if it remained locked down. The experts were wrong. 

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Entrepreneurs Are Motivated by Profit, Not Risk

The Entrepreneur


A capitalist never chooses that investment in which, according to his understanding of the future, the danger of losing his input is smallest. He chooses that investment in which he expects to make the highest possible profits.

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Economic Cannibalism Will Not Save Mexico, or Any Other Country

Central Banks


It seems absurd to have to point out that economic cannibalism, even in the face of a virus, cannot produce anything but devastation, but alas, we live in absurd times. 

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Elections in the Bicameral Congress

U.S. History


The fragmentation of power into many small local units is likely to make oppression of minorities more difficult. On the other hand, consolidation of power into a single popularly-elected Congress posed a grave threat to the rights of ordinary Americans. 

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Europe's Vaccine Programs Are about as Successful as Their Lockdowns



The EU has long claimed vaccine procurement is a top priority. But even by Brussels's own standards, Brussels's central-planning schemes have failed to deliver yet again. 

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Economic Prosperity Is a Prerequisite for All Other Kinds of Prosperity



Both Ludwig von Mises and Abraham Maslow understood that unless we first secure the benefits of economic progress, it becomes impossible to pursue higher human wants and needs.

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Even without "Qualified Immunity," It Won't Be Easy to Prove When Police Are Abusive

LawU.S. History


When police ineptly scanned a car's license plate and wrongly decided the car was stolen, they proceeded to force a group of children to the ground at gunpoint. Will this qualify as a rights violation if "qualified immunity" is absent? The courts will decide. 

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Economists and Psychologists Are Weaponizing Psychology and the Idea of "Rationality"

Bureaucracy and RegulationFinancial MarketsPaternalismPlanning


Behavioral economists and psychologists define as irrational anything that doesn't fit into a narrow model of behavior. Anything "irrational"—like buying the "wrong" stock—must be fixed with government regulation.

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