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Biblical Critical Theory Is Not Biblical. It’s Watered-Down Marxism

Book ReviewsMedia and CulturePhilosophySocialism


Christianity Today and other Christian publications are touting a book that claims to be based upon “biblical critical theory.” It’s yet another version of Marxism that is neither critical nor biblical. It’s just more Marxism.

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Bank Crises and the Interventionist Spiral

The FedMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksInterventionism


As the US banking system becomes increasingly unstable, the calls proliferate for even more government intervention into banking and finance. People forget that it was government intervention in the first place that caused these crises.

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Biden’s Absurd New Economic Messaging Strategy

Corporate WelfareCronyism and CorporatismPoliticsTaxes and Spending


The president wants to appear as a “scourge” of the ultrawealthy. But he has only been a scourge of the productive wealthy while remaining a dear ally of unproductive cronies.

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Biden and Forgotten Federal Financial Tyranny

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationProgressivismThe Police State


Under Obama and Biden, the banking sector has been weaponized against industries American leftists don't like.  The Obama administration acted as if its regulatory targets did not deserve due process, and the program ravaged far and wide.

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Biden's Middle East Policy Puts Americans at Risk

PoliticsWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


The Biden administration’s Middle East policies are going to produce the same kind of blowback that led to the 9/11 attacks. The more reckless Biden becomes, the more American lives are placed at risk.

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Bye Bye Willie: The Political Rent-Seeker

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismLawProperty Rights


Intellectual property laws provide another example of how government stifles innovation and competition.

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Bastiat versus MMT

The FedInflationMonetary PolicyPhilosophy


One doesn’t need to search modern economic literature to take on the MMT crowd. Just read Bastiat.

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Biden's "AI Bill of Rights" May Just Be Another Censorship Plan

AntipoliticsBig GovernmentPoliticsThe Police State


President Joe Biden is promoting his “AI Bill of Rights,” which looks to be an attempt to censor political opposition. Naturally, political and media elites are enthusiastically endorsing it.

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