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Stocks Always Go Up. Until They Don't.


When confidence is extreme, there's no scrutiny. There's always a "this time it's different" mindset, the belief that anything is possible.

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As the Fed Pumps, the Stock Market Is Increasingly the Only Game in Town

Financial Markets


In the midst of a stock market bubble like this one, everyone from Warren Buffet down to the shoeshine boy has some great tips for you.

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1918: A Study in How Disease Can Shape Public Policy

HealthU.S. History


Did the hardliners win at Versailles because the Americans were too weak with the flu to object? If so, it would be just one way that disease profoundly affected public policy in the wake of the 1918 flu.

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How the Police Arbitration System Shields Police from Accountability


Legal arbitration only makes sense when all parties involved voluntarily enter into a contract. With police arbitration, the public has no seat at the table. It's a system designed to protect police only.

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The Problem with "Wandering" Police Officers

Legal SystemThe Police State


Some police officers are able to easily get rehired by law enforcement agencies even though they were forced out of other departments for misconduct. That's a problem.

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The Flexner Report and Our Modern Medical Cartel

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealth


The medical profession has long employed the state to pad doctor salaries and influence. Before the Flexner Report, mechanics made more than doctors and the brightest students avoided the profession to enter the clergy.

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Why Abusive Cops So Often Keep Their Jobs

Labor and WagesThe Police State


When you hear a cop has been fired from his job for some heinous act, be sure to check back a few months later. He may have been rehired thanks to the fact that it's very easy for cops to appeal termination and win.

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