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President's Impact Report — Third Quarter 2020

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Mises University

In July, students from around the US came to Auburn for our annual Mises University program. Students learned from a distinguished faculty on-site, coupled with online contributions from Dr. Walter Block and Steven Berger.

This year's Mises U faculty included:

Joseph Salerno                    Thomas DiLorenzo
Jeff Herbener                       Mark Brandly
Peter Klein                            Mark Thornton
Shawn Ritenour                 Timothy Terrell
Jonathan Newman           Tom Woods
Patrick Newman                Ryan McMaken
Per Bylund                          Judge Andrew Napolitano

For this year's Mündliche Prüfung Conference Examinations, forty students took the preliminary written exam, thirteen proceeded to oral exams.

Our three finalists were:

Douglas E. French Prize for Most Learned:  David Hoffa (Michigan State University College of Law)
Kenneth Garschina Second Prize: Porter Burkett (University of South Carolina)
Kenneth Garschina Third Prize: Benjamin Bies (Hillsdale College)

Thank you to all of our donors that make the Best Week of the Year possible. 

Mises Meetup in Orlando

On August 29th, the Institute hosted an event at the Azalea Lodge within Mead Botanical Gardens in Orlando, Florida. The meetup featured talks by Jeff Deist and Patrick Newman, and a live recording of Radio Rothbard, with an Austro-Libertarian look at the current political environment. 

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Roe for making this event possible.

Mises Institute Masters Program

In August, the Mises Institute welcomed its first cohort of graduate students to its new Graduate Program.  Members of the inaugural cohort are pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Austrian economics. The average undergraduate GPA of those accepted into the graduate program was 3.60 with two-thirds of those admitted already holding at least one graduate degree.

The Institute's new and exciting program incorporates distance education tools to accommodate students and faculty residing in various locations and time zones. Using the learning management system, Canvas®, the Mises Institute is able to present Austrian economics interactively while also operating its graduate program entirely online.

Instructors of the program include Senior Fellows, Fellows, and Associated Scholars who introduce the material in a challenging and compelling way to encourage scholarship. The Master’s program requires completion of twenty-four semester hours of coursework and a thesis suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

The long-awaited and much-needed program is a fulfillment of Mises’s and Rothbard’s dreams of a rigorous graduate school dedicated to the study of Austrian economics and free-market principles.

Mises for Business

Dr. Mark Packard recorded a twelve-part course, The Value Learning Process, providing exciting, cutting edge content that helps entrepreneurs and business people understand just what breakthroughs are possible when they Think Austrian.

Over the course of twelve lessons Dr. Packard takes the student through the value learning process from the basics of defining and recognizing value, to the use of empathy, to navigating uncertainty, and much more, teaching the student how to apply these techniques to create value for their customers and business. Each lesson will be accompanied by a set of animated illustrations and tools the student can directly apply to their situation.

Economics for Beginners

This quarter we launched Economics for Beginners, a series of videos designed to show that economics is not a complicated subject fit only for people with college degrees. But that economics affects everyone on a daily basis in both big and little ways and is a normal aspect of our day-to-day life. Using short animated videos basic and fundamental economic topics come to life. Perfect for someone looking for a simplified introduction to elementary economics or parents looking to supplement their child's economics education, the series includes discussion questions and additional readings that will ensure that viewers are not fooled by myths, lies, and distortions and ensure that students are not fooled by the road to serfdom.

This project was made possible by the generous donation of James Kluttz.


Continuing strong trends in 2020, Mises.org hit all-time highs for traffic and users in the months of July, August, and September this year. We had over 1.9 million users during Q3 (up from 1.6 million in 2019) and over 4.5 million views (up from 3.5 million the year prior.)

Top 5 Most Read Articles on Mises.org for the Third Quarter:

Mises Media

The Mises Institute was recognized with the Silver Creator's Award from YouTube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers on our channel.

Top 5 MP3 Downloads

  • Jeff Deist on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Revolutionaries, and Mussolini Praising Keynes (Jeff on Neighbor's Choice podcast) 26,256 downloads
  • Man, Economy, and State with Shawn Ritenour (HAPod) 11,672
  • Radio Rothbard with Comic Dave Smith 8,307
  • Man, Economy, and State: Interest Rates (Kristoffer Hansen on HAPod) 7,690
  • Man, Economy, and State: Exchange and Prices (Jonathan Newman on HAPod) 7,455
Top 5 PDF Downloads
  • Introduction to Economics by John V. Van Sickle 20,307
  • QJAE 17 #4, Winter 2014 Full Issue 11,242
  • Human Action 8,589
  • "Marx as Millennial Communist" by Rothbard, Review of Austrian Economics, Volume 4 2,401
  • Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought, Vol 1: Economic Thought Before Adam Smith 1,765

Top 5 YouTube videos

  • The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria | Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (uploaded Jul 16, 2020) 823,187 views
  • Ten Things You Should Know About Socialism | Thomas J. DiLorenzo (Jul 15, 2020) 140,087
  • Taking Rights Seriously | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano (Jul 13, 2020) 127,110
  • Ten Things Millennials Should Know About Socialism | Thomas J. DiLorenzo (Aug 17, 2016) 110,861
  • Ten Ways for Libertarians (or Anyone) to Be Happy | Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (Jul 17, 2020) 23,515

Faculty, Associated Scholars, and More

  • Dr. Karl-Freidrich Israel, a former Mises Research Fellow, was named Assistant Professor of Economics at Université catholique de l'Ouest in Angers, France.
  • Dr. Jim Kee, a former Mises Research Fellow, was named Assistant Professor at Baylor University. He'll teach Strategic Management and Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  • Krisoffer Hansen, a 2020 Mises Research Fellow, received a position at the University of Leipzig. He will be defending his dissertation at the University of Angers later this year.
  • Dr. Peter Klein was named a Co-Editor for the prestigious Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.
  • Mises Fellow Patrick Newman was awarded the Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize for excellence in research and teaching for a promising young scholar.

Mises Institute

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