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Private Property and Customer Safety: Starbucks Learns a Hard Lesson

Media and CultureProperty Rights


The news that Starbucks is closing sixteen stores due to customer safety concerns exposes the lack of police protection in cities and the problems with allowing noncustomers to remain in stores.

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Powell Is the New Arthur Burns, Not the New Paul Volcker

U.S. History


With his current timid, weak, and prevaricating position on price inflation, Powell is positioning himself as the new Arthur Burns, who did nothing to end 1970s inflation. 

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Powell's "Soft Landing" Is Impossible

Money and Banks


After more than a decade of monetary stimulus fueling elevated asset valuations and incentivizing an enormous leveraged bet on risk, a soft landing is impossible.

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Political and Economic Entrepreneurship: Freedom Depends on the Latter

Economic PolicyThe Entrepreneur


When we speak of entrepreneurship, we need to specify if it is economic or political. The first expands wealth and freedom; the second makes us poorer and less free.

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Politicizing Mass Shootings Only Guarantees There Will Be More of Them

ProgressivismThe Police State


Mass shootings are bad enough, but progressives have turned them into political events. They then claim that further politicizing these tragedies will reduce their number.

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Police Botched the Uvalde Standoff. Now Gun Controllers Want to Give Police More Power.

U.S. History


Police stood around outside the Uvalde, Texas, school while a gunman shot children inside. Meanwhile, gun control advocates tell us we should just trust the cops to keep us safe. 

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Peace through Strength? Excessive US Military Spending Encourages More War

Big GovernmentWar and Foreign Policy


American politicians claim that excessive military spending makes Americans "safe." The record shows otherwise.

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Proliferation Isn't the Problem. Legacy Nuclear Powers Again Threaten the Globe.

War and Foreign Policy


Here we are in 2022, worrying about if the world's oldest nuclear powers will be the ones to touch off a global nuclear war. It's not Pakistan or North Korea or "proliferation." It's Washington and Moscow, yet again. 

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