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Inflation Surges Near to a 40-Year High. Wages Aren't Keeping Up.

U.S. Economy


During November, average hourly earnings increased 4.8 percent, year over year. But with inflation at 6.9 percent, earnings aren’t keeping up. Meanwhile, the Fed will do little for fear of spooking Wall Street.

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In Defense of Turgot

World History


Turgot understood primitive modes of social organization are able to support much smaller numbers of people. If population increased, an egalitarian primitive society would be unable to cope with the added burden.

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It's Time for the US To Stop Courting Conflict with Russia


Biden's team is dominated by liberal internationalists, and just as their aggressive approach to China is the wrong one to take in the Indo-Pacific, it has long been counterproductive in eastern and southern Europe.

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Is the Constitution Broken beyond Repair?

U.S. History


"No one, including Andrew Jackson, had ever explicitly argued before [Lincoln] that the Constitution authorized or obligated full-scale invasion and coercive measures."

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Is Price Stability Really a Good Thing?

Money and Banks


Contrary to popular thinking, there is no such thing as a price level that should be stabilized by the central bank in order to promote economic prosperity.

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Is College Worthwhile? A Two-Time Dropout’s Take



Pursuing one’s dreams without a degree requires more self-discipline than serving four years on campus. One of Nietzsche’s best lines offers a warning: “He who cannot obey himself will be commanded.”

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In a Free Economy, Prices Would Be Going down, Not Up

Money and Banks


In an age of growing productivity and technological advancement, goods would be getting cheaper every year. This is a reason why price inflation rises more slowly than money supply inflation.

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Industrial Policy—a.k.a. Central Planning—Won't Make America Great

Bureaucracy and RegulationTaxes and Spending


China's industrial policy has been marked by many failures and few successes. Rather, China's real growth has been fueled by the regime's limited turn to markets. 

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