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Why Secession Is a Big Problem — For Politicians

Decentralization and Secession


If a precedent of secession were accepted, then the disintegration of the central government could potentially continue ad infinitum.

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Why the President Said "No"

Taxes and SpendingU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


And yet I feel obliged to withhold my approval ... [for] the appropriation of public funds...

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Why Businessmen Don't Make Good Politicians

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


It is a common fallacy that if a person is successful in business, they will be a good politician. This is dangerously naive.

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Why Revisionist History Is Important

U.S. HistoryWorld HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology

In the general culture “revisionist historian” is a term of abuse. But that is what we do. Revising history is our job.
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What Happened to Protest Art?

Media and Culture

Politically-charged pop culture has become both safe and bland.
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War Socialism and the Confederate Defeat

U.S. History

The Confederate government's turn toward war socialism helped seal its fate.
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Was John Brown Sane?

U.S. History

John Brown was a man driven by religious fanaticism and grandiose ideas. But his sanity, at least clinically speaking, seems to have been in place.
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Why Decentralized Militias Matter

Abe Lincoln once mocked the militias, but America's decentralized militia system has played a key role in military conflicts, including the Civil War.
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