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Monetary Savings versus Real Savings

Money and Banking


What matters for real economics is real savings, not increases in consumer spending driven by money printing. The best way to get an increase in savings is to decrease both money pumping and government spending. 

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Monetary Policy in America Is a Mess. Things Are Even Worse in Europe.

Money and Banking


America is plagued by mountains of debt, cheap money, and an out-of-control central bank. But the situation with the European Central Bank is even more dangerous. 

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Major League Baseball Punishes Georgians for the Acts of a Handful of Politicians

U.S. History


Major League Baseball's boycott of Georgia only makes any sense at all if we conflate every single Georgia resident with the regime itself. But in the real world the claim that "we are the government" has always been nonsense. 

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Money Isn't Neutral: Why Economic Stabilization Schemes Are Counterproductive

Booms and Busts


To foster economic recovery, we do not need "stability." What we need is an environment of freely changing prices, even if price changes are frequent and substantial. Only this call allow markets to respond to consumer needs. 

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MMT Is Fake Economics

Money and Banking


Monetary sovereignty is not something the government decides. It all depends on the public's demand for a currency. That demand comes and goes, and once it's gone, a currency is irreparably damaged. 

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Moral Courage and the Austrian School

History of the Austrian School of Economics

To be an economist with integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear and especially to say things that the regime does not want to hear. 

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Money-Supply Growth Hits a New All-Time High in January

Money Supply


In January, money supply growth hit a new all-time high, rising slightly above September 2020's previous high, and remaining well above growth levels that one year ago would have been considered unthinkable. 

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Memories of Murray on His Ninety-Fifth Birthday

U.S. HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics


Perhaps Murray’s greatest virtue was his genuine and abiding intellectual humility. 

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