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Hoppe's The Great Fiction, Expanded Second Edition—Now Available

Austrian Economics Overview


The second edition of The Great Fiction will be welcomed by all readers interested in the theoretical foundations of a free society.

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How the Fed's Inflation Is Driving Stock Buybacks

Financial Markets


An explosion in the money supply has driven many corporate managers to turn to stock buybacks as a safe alternative to holding on to depreciating cash. This means many companies are decapitalizing.

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How I Discovered Murray Rothbard

History of the Austrian School of Economics


In Rothbard’s writings I did not find only something totally new to me, but I also found, explained in consistent and simple words, the reasons for the inefficiency and failure of most of the politics of my country, Italy.

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How Not to Argue against the Minimum Wage

Bureaucracy and RegulationLabor and Wages


There are plenty of sound reasons to oppose government minimum wage laws, but there is one objection making the rounds that is based on bad economics and should be avoided, and that’s the "businesses will pass on the costs to consumers" objection.

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How Markets Turn Lousy Products into Great Ones

CoordinationThe EntrepreneurValue and Exchange


Centrally planned economies often stick with terrible ideas for many years. But markets can take bad products, learn from them, and turn them into great products that give the public what it wants and needs.

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How the American Revolution Turned North American Foreign Trade on Its Head

U.S. History


After peace came in 1783, the new republic faced a twofold economic adjustment: to peacetime from the artificial production and trade patterns during the war, and to a far different trading picture than had existed before the war.

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How the Progressives Conquered Corporate America

The Entrepreneur


The concern over concentrated influence of corporate special interests is valid, but not because corporate special interests will prevent economic regulation. The problem is corporate executives consistently agitate for more government control. 

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How the Covid Crisis Exposed the Absurdity of "Certificates of Need"

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealthPrices


We're often told that it is too difficult to access healthcare services in America. So why are "certificate of need" laws being enacted making it harder to create new healthcare facilities? 

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