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How Covid Put an End to Your Right to Due Process

Property Rights


The covid panic brought an end to due process in many ways. Among these are the end of speedy trials and the end of a timely hearing for landlords to obtain evictions. Meanwhile, governments have seized private businesses with no due process at all. 

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How Monetary Expansion Creates Income and Wealth Inequality


Economic inequality caused by money printing benefits most those who claim to stand up for "the little guy" and denounce "trickle-down" markets. But there is nothing more "trickle down" than government money printing from on high.

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How Trillions in Newly Printed Money Created a Labor Shortage

Labor and Wages


The US has millions of idle workers. In a normal economy this would put a damper on demand. But in our money-printing economy, consumer demand is surging even as production falls behind. An employment bubble is the result. 

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How Markets Have Delivered More Economic Equality



People must still compete for resources in a socialist economy. In fact, the competition is intense. On the other hand, thanks to markets, basic necessities—and even basic luxuries—are now more more accessible than ever. 

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How the Feds Blackmail Colleges and Universities



It's becoming increasingly clear that Christian schools that accept federal funds will soon have to make a choice between abandoning those funds or fully embracing the ruling class's views of gender politics. 

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How the "Bourgeois Deal" Enriched the World

Book ReviewsWorld History


One of the most striking facts of world history: since about 1800, there has been an enormous increase in the average standard of living throughout the world. Before that date, almost everyone was poor, but then things changed.

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Homicides Are Way Up in 2020, and Covid Lockdowns Are a Likely Cause

Legal System


If we’re going to ask ourselves what might have caused such an unusually large rise in homicide, we ought to look for very unusual events. Covid lockdowns certainly fit the bill. 

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How a Small Rise in Bond Yields May Create a Financial Crisis

Financial Markets


The risk of a financial crisis does not come from rising bond yields. The risk of a financial crisis was created by lowering bond yields to unrealistic and unjustifiable levels in the first place.

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