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Hayek, Friedman, Buchanan: The Villains of "Neoliberalism"

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According to Brown, Hayek's position against mass democracy is not to be argued against but diagnosed. It is wrong because “democracy” is good—obviously.

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How Consumer Sovereignty and Entrepreneurship Work Together



Consumers are indeed sovereign, but the reason consumers can exercise their sovereignty is that entrepreneurs have already borne the uncertainty of production to make the goods available for purchase.

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Hoppe on the Lockdowns!

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Decentralized decision-making is critically important in potential emergency situations, because only property owners have the skin in the game that that forces people to think long and hard about the consequences and side effects of their actions.

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How Pope Francis Gets "the Common Good" Wrong

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To Francis, the common good dictates we lock down the globe, jeopardizing the future of the young, the livelihood of the working class, and condemning countless kids to a life of mental distress. 

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Help the Institute Build a Brighter Future


Like never before, we are threatened by a terrifying axis of a left-controlled government and proudly progressive corporate power. To build a better future, we will have to build institutions grounded in merit and truth.

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How the State Spreads Mass Hysteria

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Mass hysteria is possible in a free society, but there are self-correcting mechanisms and the harm such hysteria may inflict is limited by the enforcement of private property rights. 

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How Much Does the Pfizer Vaccine Actually Reduce Risk of Hospitalization?



In the much-hyped Pfizer study, there were more hospitalizations in the control group than in the vaccine group, but the numbers were too small to be statistically significant.

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How Governments Rigged the Game against Workers


"Wage slavery" isn't real, but under an interventionist regime, many are compelled to go into wage work when they would have chosen another path in an unhampered market. 

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