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Penn and Teller Send Up Wal-Mart Hatred


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Once again, Penn and Teller hilariously explode the myths and superstitions about capitalism with a healthy contempt and a plethora of curse words, so use discretion.

Here's Wal-Mart Hatred is Barbara Streisand.

By the way, one of the anti-Wal-Mart subjects of the show is Joe Moore, who's on Chicago's city council. He claims that Wal-Mart pays slave wages, destroys families, and is responsible for all kinds of evils.

I commented on this kind of thinking last week in an article in which I discussed the fact that it's the state itself that pays slave wages for jury slavery, and that this is an alleged civic duty.

Also amusing in the video is one man claiming that Wal-Mart isn't productive, but it's eliminative and displaces competition. Did he intend "Wal-Mart" to be a code word for "government"? And does Wal-Mart, being predatory for lowering prices and offering a wide variety of goods, make unilaterally imposed high taxes peaceful and productive? Because the government tools featured think so.

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