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Our Fall Campaign Starts Today!

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The mission of the Mises Institute is simple. We want to spread the ideas of Ludwig von Mises and the scholars he inspired. Ideas that are vital for a free and prosperous civilization.

We do this through our student programs, our popular articles, one of the largest free economics libraries available online, and our new animated videos for beginners. Online and in person, we attack the state, the political class, and their crony clients—without exception and without apology.

We reach more people than some DC organizations with ten times our budget.

Unfortunately, just as Ludwig von Mises was attacked by the Left, the Right, and even his own fellow libertarians for his "intransigence" in defense of free markets, so are we. We are attacked by the Left, who see our refusal to bow down to the altars of socialism and political democracy as a threat to their religion of egalitarianism. We are attacked by the Right for our refusal to support their warfare state, their trade wars, and—now—their Federal Reserve. We are even attacked by prominent libertarians for not sharing their hostility to faith, community, and nation.

Like Mises, we are proud of the enemies we have made over the years—but even prouder of the supporters we have. This week is our Fall Campaign and we need your help. Join us (or renew your Membership) today! You will be listed on mises.org as a supporter! Donate this week and receive our booklet The Dollar Dilemma by Ron Paul.


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The Mises Institute works to advance the Austrian school of economics and the Misesian tradition, and defends the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful international relations, while opposing state intervention.

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