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Ok, fine, so what is to be done, huh Nation?


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The Nation has posted an interesting article on how corporate conglomerates are ganging up on on Google to use government to give the innovative company the what for. So I read this because I was curious: what is the leftist answer here? Favor the corporate conglomerate or the corporate conglomerates that are attacking the corporate conglomerate? Just put government in charge, or the people via the marketplace?

But you can read too: there is no answer.

Here is their conclusion:

As media powerhouses seek to make the new digital landscape a better environment for large advertisers, those who care about the potential of broadband to serve the public interest should be engaged in the debate. We should not leave decisions about how digital content is paid for and distributed just to Google and its ever-growing list of corporate competitors.

So what is that? A people's movement for expropriating everyone? One wonders whether the left has anything constructive to contribute at all.

Jeffrey Tucker is Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research. He is author of It's a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes and Bourbon for Breakfast: Living Outside the Statist Quo. Send him mail.

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