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Why Biden and Krugman Are Wrong about the $15 Minimum Wage

Bureaucracy and RegulationLabor and Wages


Let's take a sober and even-handed look at what economics and empirical studies have to say about minimum wage hikes. Krugman and Biden claim there's no evidence these hikes affect employment. But they are being misleading. 

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Why Hazlitt Opposed the Bretton Woods System

U.S. HistoryGold StandardMoney and Banking

That Bretton Woods was called a gold standard was an exercise in obfuscation. It happened for the same reason that NAFTA was called free trade. The state has long used the language of the market economy as a plow to push through its opposite.

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Why No State Needs Thousands of Nuclear Warheads

War and Foreign Policy


The claim that the US needs an immense and varied nuclear arsenal "does serve one purpose: it keeps military budgets wondrously high."

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Wall Street Outsiders versus the Hedge Funds

Financial Markets


When small investors lose their shirts by placing unwise investments, do brokerage firms, hedge funds, big banks, etc., come to their rescue? Not a chance. But there was plenty of talk of "rescue" when hedge funders lost money in the GameStop short squeeze.

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Why Social Media Takes a "Ban First, Ask Questions Later" Approach

Media and CultureMonopoly and Competition


As more people get censored or removed from the platform, more prominent voices seek out alternatives that are in the more early stages and don’t censor as heavily. Fragmentation starts to make the service less useful and interesting rather than being a source of affirmation and good feelings.

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What Rights Do Future Generations Have?

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and Methodology


Many say economics must focus on preserving resources for distant future generations. They say climate change is why. That's may seem convincing in the abstract, but we soon learn how hard it is to predict future needs, and to ignore present ones. 

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When Biden "Creates Jobs" Look for the Hidden Costs

Taxes and SpendingU.S. History


"Jobs programs" never create new wealth. They only redirect wealth and resources from other sectors of the economy. The cost to those other sectors is often very high. 

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What to Expect from Bidenomics

Taxes and Spending


In order to prevent the economy sinking into a lasting state of stagnation, what is required is to reduce both government spending and government regulation, and to rein in the Fed.

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