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Nullification Works: Republicans Look to Legalize Marijuana as States Ignore Federal Drug War

Decentralization and Secession


The ongoing success of the cannabis nullification effort has shown the uselessness of those who repeatedly chant slogans about “federal supremacy” and “If you don’t like the (federal) law, change it.”

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No, Healthcare Is Not a Communal Resource



Supporters of vaccine mandates are pushing the idea that healthcare is a communal resource. This idea allows them to make false moral claims about how everyone owes it to "society" to get vaccinated.

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Nord Stream 2: The Value of German-Russian Cooperation

War and Foreign Policy


Hopefully, increased interdependence and overlapping interests will help to shape a future of stability in Europe and continue the precious absence of another major war on the continent.

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Native Americans Had a Lot More Private Property than You Think

Property RightsU.S. HistoryPrivate Property


Many scholars employ excessively narrow notions of homesteading which wrongly suggest that virtually all Indian hunting grounds and food sources were "unowned."  

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No, Bernie, Collegiate Athletes Do Not Need a Union

Labor and Wages


The Sanders proposal comes with all of the hidden costs and other unwanted surprises that one would expect from a politician who has supported totalitarian governance for all of his political life.

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New York Politicians Have No Idea How to Fix the Subways


New York City subways are in deep financial trouble and the quality of service is in a downward spiral. Yet even talking about privatization is verboten.

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No, Conservatives Should Not Embrace MMT


Instead of trying to spin conservative justifications for disastrous monetary policy, conservatives should join libertarians and classical liberals in working to limit government power while restoring sound money and greater market freedom.

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No, Dogecoin Does Not Compete with Bitcoin

Financial MarketsMoney and Banking


Medium of exchange and store of value are very different products.

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