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Krugman Is Wrong (Again): Artificially Low Interest Rates Created Bubbles

The FedInflationCapital and Interest Theory

Blog5 hours ago

Paul Krugman denies that the Fed artificially suppressed interest rates. As usual, Krugman neither understands interest rates nor the effects of inflationary policies.

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Entrepreneurship Should Be the Goal, Not White-Collar Jobs

The EntrepreneurPovertySocialismEntrepreneurship

Blog10 hours ago

Many of the best-known civil rights leaders eschewed entrepreneurship, emphasizing that blacks seek employment in the professions and government jobs.

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Foreign Policy Fail: Biden's Sanctions are a Windfall For Russia!

War and Foreign Policy

Blog11 hours ago

As Newsweek noted last week, Russian television pundits are joking that with the financial windfall Russia has seen since sanctions were imposed, “Biden is of course our agent.”

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Yes, They Were Socialists: How the Nazis Waged War on Private Property

Cronyism and CorporatismSocialism


The myth that won't die is that Nazi Germany was a fully functioning free-market economy. In truth, it was effectively as socialist as its supposed rival, the U.S.S.R.

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Rothbard: The Free-Market and Anti-Government Roots of the American Revolution


Being libertarians, the revolutionaries saw no conflict between moral and political rights on the one hand and economic freedom on the other.

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Will Argentina's Next President Be a Rothbardian?

Anti-PoliticsDemocracyProtectionism and Free Trade


Since the 1940s, failed statist schemes have dragged Argentina into poverty. Javier Milei, who is gaining popularity there, hopes to change his nation's sad history.

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To Avoid Civil War, Learn to Tolerate Different Laws in Different States

Decentralization and Secession


The end of Roe may force many Americans to recognize that the United States is not one place. It is many places. The key is to reject uniform federal policy. 

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