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No, wait! Don't walk—that causes global warming!


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According to a fascinating article in The Times, walking to work may actually result in your augmenting, rather than reducing your "carbon footprint." The article debunks the claims of those promoting many "green" or "eco-friendly" products and services. Included among the myth-busting:

  • Traditional nappies are as bad as disposables, a study by the Environment Agency found. While throwaway nappies make up 0.1 per cent of landfill waste, the cloth variety are a waste of energy, clean water and detergent
  • Burning wood for fuel is better for the environment than recycling it
  • Organic dairy cows are worse for the climate. They produce less milk so their methane emissions per litre are higher

As usual with the environmentalist anti-human crowd, the conventional wisdom isn't so wise. It is good to see a major media outlet like The Times outing some of the environmentalists' dogma as bunk. Now, if only people will view this as a reductio ad absurdum that deals a death blow to the anti-human agenda, rather than a warrant to further impede the production of food and transportation.

Joey Clark is a freelance writer and political commentator. He is currently a radio producer and talk show host in Montgomery, AL. Read his blog.

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