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There's No Reprieve in Sight from the "Monetary Repression Tax"

Money and Banking


There is nothing new in a fiat-money central bank imposing an effective tax on the public’s holdings of government debt by manipulating interest rates. But few thought it could go on this long. 

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The Dystopian Future in Which Almost No One Owns a Car

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Some advocates of self-driving cars argue that their adoption would mean that very few people would actually own a vehicle anymore. We'd all just rent rides on self-driving Uber cars. This would be a dream come true for advocates of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. 

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The Media Wants You to Trust Washington Again Now That Trump Is Gone

Media and Culture


Perhaps reporter Michelle Kosinski is unaware that the Trump-era secrecy she denounced flourished mightily thanks to the beloved Obama administration. Kosinski’s mindset also helps explain why Americans' trust in the media has collapsed.

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The Corrupt Bargain and the Preservation of Slavery


Slavery was driven into the heart of the new constitution: in the three-fifths clause, in the protection of slave importation for twenty years, in the fugitive slave clause, and even in the congressional power to suppress insurrections within the states.

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The Fed Embraces Its Inner Zimbabwean

Money and Banks


With Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen focusing on using monetary policy to manage climate change, the M1 money supply has gone parabolic, from just over $4 trillion in February to $18.6 trillion in March. This is right out of Zimbabwe's playbook.

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Three Reasons Why the Biden Tax Increase Makes No Sense

Taxes and Spending


Biden’s tax increase plan does not make sense from a growth, revenue, or deficit perspective, and it does virtually nothing to address the real problem: ballooning spending on programs like Social Security.

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The Ruling Class Only Cares about Democracy When It Helps Them


Democracy is only acceptable when the outcome is what the ruling class wants. Fortunately, the federal courts are always handy to overturn the results of free elections. 

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The "Miracle Recovery" Narrative: We'll Just Print Our Way to Prosperity

Booms and Busts


With a new round of panic-induced lockdowns, the situation in Europe is one closely resembling a state of national emergency. Yet the official narrative tells us the European economy is robust and flourishing. Time for a reality check.

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