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The Path to True Freedom is Systematic Privatization

Decentralization and SecessionLibertarianismPrivate Property

Blog2 hours ago

Anarchocapitalism does not fall into the same category as socialism, whose establishment and maintenance require violence. Anarchocapitalism arises spontaneously from the removal of barriers that stand against the natural order of things.

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Friedman versus Rothbard

AntipoliticsU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

Blog5 hours ago

Murray Rothbard and Milton Friedman didn’t only disagree on the subject of economics. They also sharply disagreed on the direction American conservatism needed to go.

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Biden Is Providing an Opportunity for a New "Outreach to the Deplorables"

Bureaucracy and RegulationLibertarianismMedia and CultureProgressivism

Blog10 hours ago

As the Biden administration doubles down in its determination to create a more progressive nation, it inadvertently is creating more opportunities to promote libertarian alternatives.

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Silent Cal Had a Lot to Say

Blog11 hours ago

His policies took more than a million people off the income tax rolls, and 98% of Americans paid no income tax at the end of his term. As a result, America prospered under Coolidge. Real economic growth averaged 7% per year while he was in office.

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Understanding Anti-Capitalist Fallacies

CapitalismMedia and CulturePhilosophyPhilosophy and Methodology


The accusations against capitalism that we read not only from progressives but also conservatives are based upon fallacious thinking. It’s time to deal with these fallacies head on.

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The First Enemies of Free Markets Were Conservatives, Not Socialists

World History


British conservative critics of industrialization invented new terms like "wage slavery," "factory slavery," and "white slavery." Much of the conservatives' terminology and their arguments would later be adopted by socialists. 

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A Rising Stock Market Does Not Drive Economic Growth

Booms and BustsThe FedFinancial MarketsMonetary Policy


The common belief is that increases in the stock market drive overall economic growth. Expansionary monetary policies, however, are responsible for driving up stock prices even as they simultaneously damage the economy.

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Israel: A Rich Nation Receiving the Bulk of US Foreign Aid

Media and CulturePoliticsWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Israel is a wealthy nation, yet it also is the largest recipient of US foreign aid. Are those aid dollars value-adding or value-destroying?

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