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Just How Common Are School Shootings?

U.S. History

Blog13 min ago

Although exceedingly rare, the reason for the laser-like focus on school shootings is easy enough to explain. Many people do it because these events support a specific narrative designed to accomplish a certain political goal.

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Covid-19: Assessing the Madness in Year 3

Big GovernmentStrategy

Blog7 hours ago

By making covid a political virus, progressive politicians, cheered on by their media, applied political "solutions" that failed to protect the most vulnerable people.

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Mises University Is the Fix!


Blog10 hours ago

MU changes lives for the better. Please support this magnificent week of education for the deserving students who seek real education beyond the traditional college route.

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What Krugman Gets Right and Wrong on Trade Surpluses

Protectionism and Free TradeOther Schools of Thought


Krugman’s recent NYT column on Russia features commentary on trade surpluses that is at best very misleading.

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Ireland: When MMT and Price Controls Collide, Little Remains

InflationMonetary PolicyPrice Controls


Ireland has been "experimenting" with MMT and price controls. The results are predictable.

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Federal Control of Abortion Laws Is Modern Colonialism


The proabortion centralist line of "accept our definition of human rights, or else" is what we'd expect from the imperialists of old who claimed the "savages" in the colonies couldn't be trusted with self-government. 

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The Pandemic of Executive Overreach Comes to an End. When Will the Next One Begin?

Bureaucracy and RegulationProgressivism


While the covid-19 pandemic brought sickness and death, another pandemic raged through Washington: abuse of executive power.

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