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An End to the Bizarre CDC Rent Moratorium

Big GovernmentPrice ControlsPolitical TheoryPrivate Property


Many landlords just received a crash course about how irrelevant their property rights are in Washington.

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As the Political Divide Grows, It Makes Sense to Redraw State Boundaries

U.S. History


Discarding the starry-eyed fantasy of unity is the first step in acclimating Americans to the idea of radical decentralization. Realistically speaking, this will be a drawn-out process marked by stumbling blocks along the way.

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As the Fed Powell Continues to Flail, Could an MMT Fed Chair Be Next?

The FedMoney and Banking


Could progressive pressure, mixed with escalating economic pressure, push White House decision-makers to replace Jay Powell with an advocate of MMT?

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America's First Housing Bubble and the Panic of 1819

Money and Banking


In 1819 America, nobody blamed the effects for the Panic of 1819, they rightly blamed the cause. They blamed the "friendly central bank."

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An "Open Mind" Is of No Use When It's Open to Lies



Countless Americans have been repeatedly told to “follow the science,” supposedly to prove they are not obstinately closed-minded. But the main purpose of it all was just to open people’s minds to what government bureaucrats wanted. 

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A Brief History of Secession Referenda in Europe

World History


Over the past 200 years, Europeans have held many elections to decide secession questions. In some cases, these votes were used in the creation of an entirely new sovereign state. 

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A Libertarian Approach to Disputed Land Titles

Property Rights


Rothbard gives us the rough foundation of justice, but only common law juries—temporalized and local—can fill in the gaps.

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America Still Loves the Warfare State

War and Foreign Policy


The difficulty Trump encountered in trying to even slightly scale back American military schemes shows just how far Americans are from abandoning the idea that the United States is the indispensable nation entitled to fight wars always and everywhere. 

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