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How Governments Rigged the Game against Workers


"Wage slavery" isn't real, but under an interventionist regime, many are compelled to go into wage work when they would have chosen another path in an unhampered market. 

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How Walter Williams Helped Me Lose a Job


Walter Williams believed free markets provided the best way for humans—and especially people born on lower rungs of the economic ladder—to advance materially and in other ways, too.

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How Socialist Dogma Replaces Real Science with "Settled Science"

Media and Culture


Socialist regimes under the Soviets and the National Socialists silenced scientific theories that appeared to contradict the regime's ideological dogmas. The modern politicization of science is going down that road.

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How to Decrease Income Inequality


[Originally published November 2013]

The Globe and Mail has been up in arms over the growing wealth divide in Canada. Or at least the perception of a growing wealth divide. As part of its Wealth Paradox series, this weekend’s edition looked at some policies aimed at...

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How Easy Money Creates the Boom-Bust Cycle


An economic depression is not caused by the collapse of the money stock, but rather by the collapse of the pool of real savings. This is set in motion by previous monetary pumping.

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Here’s What Donald Trump Should Do before Inauguration Day

Big GovernmentStrategy


Even if he loses, Donald Trump still has time to change military policy, pardon allies, unseat the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and throw a wrench in the deep state apparatus.

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How the Left Uses "Science" To Extend Its Bias In Media and Academia


The 2020 election results will be a test of earlier liberal/progressive “investments” in modifying how Americans think about things. But at this point, perhaps more important will be whether, after the fact, people recognize how much they have been manipulated.

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How I Survived Travel to a "Democracy" Where I Had No Vote

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


If democracy is so fundamental, shouldn’t we all have a vote in every place we set foot, from Sunbury, Alaska, to Monaco?

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